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piece by piece

making it up as I go

If you are on my friends' list, it is because you have earned it, so I commend thee for thy grace. I will keep this group quite small, I shouldn't wonder, and it will be "friends-only" from day one.

Anyway, again, if you're on my friends' list, you already know that I'm interesting and fabulous, so there's no need to elaborate on it here. Superman, theater, movies, music, writing, acting, etc. - you know the list already, so let us move on!

I'm a British nanny. Not really. I am a nanny though, in New York, at present.

"I'd be a flaccid herring, adrift in a fruitless void of empty heads and faceless bodies." No, I'm not going to explain that.

"I like trees. Trees are big. Trees babysit my house. Trees make coca-cola. I like trees." Complete comedic nonsense from my brother. He says funny things while camping after nearly setting himself on fire.

I like soldiers.

I like salads.

I like heavy-duty plastic spoons.

I like very old books.

I like meat.

I like my old Kenner tree house.

I like reinventions.

I like disliking the dislikers who like to dislike me on my own turf.

I like kleenex without lotion.

I like newsboy hats.

I like using right-handed calligraphy nibs with my left hand.

I like porches.

I like apples. And Apples.

I like dimension.

I like open endings.

I like words.

I like contemplating.

I like me.

I like you.